Getting started with Forex Trading Analysis


Tradingstats  is an advanced forex trading analytics engine that gives you an integrated view of your finances. Whether you want to keep track of your personal investments or monitor an enterprise-level portfolio, Tradingstats has a solution for you. It is a cloud based solution, which means you do not have to own the infrastructure and can use the services directly and when you need them. It allows you to upload trading data from a number of sources, such as:


Trades from CSV Files with a CSV predefined format

MQL5 CSV History Exports

MT4 Statements

MT4 Online Auto Update

MT4 Strategy Tester


Once you create a new account, you can pick an appropriate data source from the dropdown menu, as you can see in the following image:

Create an account at tradingrex


Once a file with a suitable format is uploaded, your application is ready to work. Tradingrex gives you the scalability to upload multiple files (in any of the five formats mentioned), which can easily be tracked by giving them a name and a description. Multiple portfolios will appear in your dashboard, as shown in the screenshot below:

List of forex accounts


Your Dashboard

The real action begins once you select your chosen account. You are taken to a dashboard which presents a nicely quantified summary of all the important numbers you need to track your portfolio. Key figures needed for an overall picture of a portfolio’s performance (Deposits, Gain and Balance are displayed at the top) in addition to other useful numbers are shown in the screenshot below. For a routine investor, these numbers are usually enough to get an idea about a portfolio’s performance.

Main metrics forex account history analysis

Your Dashboard contains a lot more information than what has already been mentioned. If you are intent on keeping track of your numbers, the dashboard has many more interesting features for you. Whether you are interested in knowing your net profit, balance and equity figures, growth or drawdown-related numbers, they are all contained in separate tabs.

In addition, your Dashboard features a “Main Stats” section containing market-related data specific to your portfolio, as shown in the screenshot below:

Various metrics for trading history analysis system



Your Dashboard gives you a bird’s eye view of your portfolio. If you have an eye for detail and would like to see all of the transactions that took place during a given time period, there is a separate “Trades” tab dedicated to this. While the Main Stats section contains the total number of trades, the “Trades” tab lists the details of each of them (such as opening time, closing time, symbol, size, prices, etc.). In addition, it contains important information such as Closed Trades, Cancelled Trades, Open Trades, Open Orders and Administration. These reports can easily be exported to a PDF file or Excel workbook for further analysis.

List of the trade history from forex account



This section classifies all of your trades according to profit/loss and gives you an overall number so that you do not have to worry about crunching those numbers through repeated sorting and filtering. It contains sub-sections such as Summary, Periods and Symbols to further analyse numbers and give you a deeper analysis. For example, you might want to look at your portfolio’s performance during a particular year. Alternatively, you may want to see separate statistics for your profitable investments and those which have resulted in a loss.

Periods stats for forex account analysis





This section renders graphical representations of your profit and loss. Histograms can be further classified based on a number of parameters such as by instruments, hour, day of the week, day of the month, monthly and yearly. Current numeric values of profit or loss can be found by hovering the mouse over histograms. Moreover, profit and loss figures are available in your currency for easy understanding and analysis.

trading analysis of forex pairs




The Risk tab provides two key graphs – a balance curve for 30 simulation runs and a distribution of maximum drawdown. Numbers crucial to drawdowns, such as absolute drawdown, balance drawdown, equity drawdown per cent and balance drawdown per cent, are also available.

montecarlo analysis and drawdown distribution




Separate from all of the number crunching and charts, this tab gives you control over your account. Whether you want to edit its name, description or delete it altogether, the Settings tab contains all these options in one area.

This was just a glimpse of the analysis put at your disposal by Tradingrex. Further documentation will contain a detailed description of the options available in each tab.