How can I import trades from is a website where traders publish the signals of their system running under Metatrader trading platform. There is some basic analysis of the signals at the website but if you need a more detailed insights or merge several signals in one account for a portfolio analysis you will need something more powerful as Tradingstats .

These are the steps needed to import MQL5 signals to Tradingstats:

1.- Go to and select History at the Export to CSV option you will find at the system dashboard

2015-06-01 15_37_25-Copy trades of the 'FOREXSTAY 857482' trading signal for MetaTrader 4



2.- Now you have a .csv file at your local drive with all the trading history of the system

3.- It’s time to create a New account (top button) at Tradingrex with MQL5 CSV History Export as Datasource

2015-06-01 15_43_33-Tradingrex


4.- Select from your local disk the file you downloaded from using the Select files button

2015-02-06 12_19_45-Tradingrex


5.- The data is imported and ready for your analysis!

2015-08-29 16_35_04-Tradingrex


If you have any problem with this process, please send us an e-mail to and we will be glad to help.