How can I import trades from MT4 Statements?


MT4 Statements are the reports MT4 trading platform creates to record your trading operations. You can import as much statements as you want and Tradingstats will take care of everything.

These are the steps needed to import MT4 Statements to Tradingstats:

1.- Open your MT4 trading platform and press Ctrl + T to open the terminal window

2.- Select the Account History tab and there right click over any trade of the list, then select Save as Report or Save as Detailed Report

3.- Once the file has been saved to your local disk go to your Tradingstats account and create a New Account with MT4 Statement as data source

2015-02-06 12_17_27-Tradingrex


4.- Now select the file you downloaded from MT4 using the Select Files button

2015-02-06 12_19_45-Tradingrex


5.- Now the data is imported and ready for your analysis!

2015-08-29 16_35_04-Tradingrex


If you have any problem with this process, please send us an e-mail to and we will be glad to help.