Trading History Analysis


Trades – Shows the trading history for your account. It provides a record of closed, open and canceled trades, open pending orders and transactions related to administrative changes in your account, such as deposits or withdrawals.

The Trades section contains the following tabs:

  • Closed Trades
  • Open Trades
  • Open Trades
  • Cancelled Orders
  • Administration

In addition, you can also download your trading history in Excel and PDF format.

 Closed Trades

This tab shows a grid containing a detailed history of all your closed trades. The grid has the following columns:

  • Ticket –the trade ID, usually provided by the broker
  • Open Time – the time at which the trade was opened
  • Close Time – the time at which the trade was closed
  • Action – describes whether a trade was initiated by buying or selling (long or short)
  • Symbol – the asset of the trade
  • Size – the volume of the trade in lots
  • Open Price – the market price when the trade was opened
  • Close Price – the market price when the trade was closed
  • Take Profit – The price set to close the trade at a profit. If the transaction was closed by the take profit price, the price is highlighted.
  • Stop Loss – The price set to close the trade at a loss. If the transaction was closed by the stop loss price, the price is highlighted.
  • Commission – the amount of money the broker charged for services for the trade
  • Taxes – the amount of money paid as tax on this trade
  • Swap – rollover interest that is earned or paid for holding the trade
  • Profit – the amount of money earned or lost as a result of this trade
  • Change % – the change of your balance as a percentage
  • Pips – the number of points that you have won or lost in this trade
  • Length – the duration of your trade
  • Comments – comments on the trade

Closed trades over trading history

In the grid settings, you can specify the columns to be shown or the sorting criteria. To do this, you just need to click on the check box next to the name of the required column. You can also reorder the columns by dragging and dropping the column to the place you want it to be.

Columns settings at trade history

For each trade, you can open a set of trading diary options to make notes or upload files associated with the trade just by clicking on the small triangle to the left of the row.


Open Trades


This tab shows open positions. These are trades in development. Their profit values and pips columns will change over time depending on market prices.

Trades opened


Open Orders


This tab shows all open orders. These are orders sent to the broker but which still have yet to be filled.

Orders opened analysis


Cancelled Orders


This tab shows all canceled orders. These are orders that were not executed and which were cancelled at some point.


Trades cancelled before reaching the market




This tab shows all the movements related to trading activity but from the point of view  of account management, such as deposits, withdrawals, brokers’ bonuses, etc…


Administration changes as deposits or withdrawls