Trading System Stats


This tab provides a brief summary of all the trades made. It shows the main statistics that show the effectiveness of your trading. With these stats, you can see how much money you have earned or lost, which trading periods were the most successful for you and what assets are the most profitable.

The Stats section contains the following tabs:

  • Summary
  • Periods
  • Symbols




This tab shows the general statistics on your trading. It is represented in the form of a list, and is divided into groups:

  • All trades
  • Winning trades
  • Losing trades
  • Others


Trading System Stats summary


The “All trades” group shows the general statistics for your trading activity. Here you can see your balance, the amount of swap and commissions, your net income as a result of all transactions, the total number of trades, the net profit per day in terms of money and in points, and the average number of trades that you make per day.

The “Winning trades” group provides detailed statistics on all your profitable trades. It shows the total number of trades, the percentage of profitable trades compared to the total number of deals, the profit in terms of money and in points and the average profit per day in cash and in points. This group also shows the most profitable trades.

The “Losing Trades” group shows your negative trading statistics. It shows the number of losing trades and their percentage compared to the total number of transactions. It shows the total amount of losses in terms of money and points. This group also allows you to estimate the average amount of the loss. Here you can see the size of your largest loss in money and in points.

The “Others” group demonstrates the profitability factor of your trading and expectations based on your profitability factor. That is, it evaluates the future effectiveness of your trades based on the statistics for your current trades. In other words, it gives you the opportunity to understand how much you will earn or lose if you continue to trade this way.




This tab allows you to view the statistics for trades during a certain period of time. You can see the statistics for your trades by day, week, month, and year. This tab contains the following columns:

  • Periods – the time period for which you want to get statistics
  • Trades – the number of transactions for the selected period
  • Winners – the number of profitable trades
  • Losers – the number of losing trades
  • Winners, % – the number of profitable trades compared to the total number of transactions as a percentage
  • Net profit – net profit for the current period
  • Net pips – the number of points won during the current period
  • Size lots – the size of the lot per each trade
  • Max drawdown, % – how much the equity (not the balance) has declined since its latest high.
  • Initial balance – the balance of your deposit at the beginning of the reporting period
  • Final balance – the balance of your deposit at the end of the reporting period.

Trading system analysis by periods of time




The Symbols tab shows trading statistics on all the assets used during a certain period of time.

Stats by instrument analysis

The Symbols tab helps you understand what asset is the most profitable for you. You can see how many trades were made with this asset, how many of them are profitable, as well as loss-making and how many points and money have been earned with this asset.

This tab is very useful because it immediately gives you an idea what assets you should trade more and what assets should be abandoned. As a result, you can focus on that specific asset. This allows you develop your trading strategy and save time because you don’t have to spend it on other assets. Consequently, you can increase the effectiveness of your trading and increase the size of your profits.