Which import formats does Tradingstats support?

Tradingstats supports 5 importing formats:

  1. MT4 Statements, it imports the trading history of our trading account, and they can be downloaded from the Account History tab from the MT4 trading platform
  2. MT Strategy Tester, it imports a system backtesting history of an Expert System and they can be downloaded from the Results tab in the MT4 Strategy Tester section from MT4 trading platform.
  3. CSV, it imports a trading history from a text file with an universal format you can fine Import CSV trading history
  4. MT4 Online Auto Update, it imports the trading history from MT4 trading platform just entering the broker details, the account and the investor password.
  5. MQL5.com, it imports the trading history in .csv format from this signals website.

You can find more detailed information about how to import these formats at our Importing Guides section.